Soundscape In your Bedroom

Some people need complete silence to sleep. Others find it easier to get away from white noise. A third group actually prefers television to put them to sleep in the land of dreams. What group do you have? If you have never thought of your ideal soundscape for sleep, now is the time to start. Knowing what types of hearing inputs help you sleep – and those that stop you – can make all the difference to your ability to fall asleep quickly and your ability to stay asleep.

If you think that white noise, breaking waves, rain or other continuous sound will help you sleep well, try an app on your phone. Some of them can help you organize your best soundscape and create the perfect room to sleep. Then, once you know what works for you, consider investing in a sound machine. Studies have shown that being on our phones can affect the quality of sleep, especially just before bedtime. Make it easy to put away your phone early and use your trusty sound machine to set up your sleeping room.

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